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Flash fiction is fiction ranging from 50 to 1000 words long. It's very popular with fans of science fiction and fantasy just now. Whole websites are devoted to it and nothing else.

The following is a work of flash fiction by Yours Truly. It belongs to the fantasy genre and is titled GOSSIP COLUMN.

The Household Tattler


Thomas "The Prowler" Katt

Dustin ("Dust") Bunny celebrated his third birthday yesterday at his home under the double bed in the master bedroom. A dozen of his playmates of similar age attended the festivities.

Mr. and Mrs. James Weyerhanger are proud to announce the birth of octuplets on Monday last. Mother and babies are resting comfortably among the footwear on the floor of the foyer closet.

Mrs. Argyle Soxx has reported the disappearance of her beloved mate from a boisterous pool party in the washing machine last weekend. According to witnesses, just before he went missing Mr. Soxx was seen in the company of Miss "Pink" Anklet, whose whereabouts are also unknown. Mrs. Soxx and Miss Anklet's twin sister, Lacy, have taken up residence in the back of the sock drawer to await the hoped-for return of their loved ones.

John Coffin ("Coffy") Kupp passed away last Friday night after a fatal fall from atop a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. The Mistress was overheard to say that she will redouble her efforts to persuade the Master to have the dishwasher repaired in order to prevent a recurrence of this tragedy.

# # #

Come back again next Friday for another Teaser from REDISCOVERED.

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