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Teaser #18

"Who requested me?" Garv asked, though he thought he could make a good guess.

"The chief councilor himself."

Right the first time. "Did he say why?"

"Let me see if I can remember all of it. It seems you're one of only two men who have ever said no to him. I'd like to hear that story sometime. He's been following your career, respects your abilities and trusts your integrity. He wants someone to judge his son's exam who will be completely honest about his ability. He doesn't want him batting around the Galaxy on his own if he isn't ready, which I must say is wise. An unready astronaut could kill himself, or destroy a lot of costly Bureau property, or sabotage an investigation though incompetence." The governor paused. "You have a choice in this, Kennett. It isn't exactly your province, although I'm confident you're up to it. I'll tell you in fairness, I think most people, given the choice, would probably decline. They'd consider it too hot to handle."

"I'll do it," Garv said.

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