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The fourth enclosure was deeper than the others. It appeared to be empty until she saw a fifth panel at the back and realized that it was actually a short corridor leading to a door. She entered and took three steps to the back. When she looked for a nubbin to push she didn't find one. There was a small, rather complicated protrusion in the middle of the door which she guessed might be an opening device, but no matter how she manipulated it she couldn't make it work. She thought she could hear faint sounds coming from behind the panel and pressed her ear against it. There was definitely a low hum emanating from the other side. Something told her the noise was sorcerous in nature; that must be the sorcerer's magical workshop back there. She recoiled from the door as if it had burned her. It took only two steps to traverse the corridor this time, and once outside she pressed the closing nub with a finger that trembled.

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