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As promised, here is the first excerpt from my novel REDISCOVERED, which will be available for purchase later this year.

A glowing star map appeared in mid-air before him, with nine red lines twisting their ways among the stars. From a node at the bottom of one red line emerged a black dot, which began crawling upward toward a second node, among several located at intervals along the line. For long seconds Bhimaraju watched the dot's progress as if hypnotized.

When he was able to shake himself out of his daze, it occurred to him that the dot might be tracing his ship's path. He tried to reverse course manually and failed.

Watch for another teaser next Friday, August 13. I'll be publishing a new post every Friday.

By the way, if you tried to subscribe to this blog and weren't successful, try again and keep scrolling down until you see the subscription form. Take my word for it, it's there.

Thanks for your interest.

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