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Hi there! My name is Rena Reed Burton.

   Actually, it's not. Rena Reed Burton is a pen name, chosen to honor my female ancestors. Rena was my mother's given name, and Reed and Burton were the maiden names of my two grandmothers. Strong, smart women all three! I hope I am worthy of them.

   I am a widow living quietly but busily in semi-rural New England. I've been a writer all my life. My first published work was a poem that appeared in a school newspaper when I was eleven. Since then I've been a newspaper reporter and columnist, placed opinion pieces on religion, law and politics in periodicals, and written and published several monthly newsletters. All these, you'll note, were works of nonfiction. A few years ago I decided to turn my hand to fiction writing. Now, at age 87, I'm looking forward to the publication of my first novel in time for Christmas 2021. Hallelujah!

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