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What It's All About

It occurs to me that, while teasing you with excerpts from REDISCOVERED, I have never provided you with a context for them--never actually told you what the book is about. In what follows here I correct that oversight.

The story takes place 500 years in our future, when the populations of Earth, Mars and the Moon are united in a Solarian League. A century earlier a Solarian astropilot happened upon a portal in space which, upon investigation, led explorers to eleven earthlike planets elsewhere in the Galaxy. Imagine the astonishment of the explorers--and all Solaria--when they discovered that five of the exoplanets were inhabited by human beings. How did that happen?

In its attempt to answer that question the League established a program for studying the populations of the five planets clandestinely. The story focuses on one of those worlds and the astronauts assigned to investigate it. In the course of the tale the astronauts' presence is revealed to the natives, setting off a chain of events that begin in REDISCOVERED and will continue in a sequel (so far untitled).

And there you have it. All the teasers fit into that framework. Good luck figuring out how!

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